Matcha by Mei is a Matcha green tea powder and Matcha accessories retailer based in South Africa.

Tell us about yourself?

I am Taiwanese but raised in South Africa. I’m an avid tea drinker of course, live for experiences and am completely enthralled by nature.

Why Matcha?

Tea is a massive part of Asian culture (It’s like 80% of our beverage consumption). Growing up, we drank all the variations – Green, Jasmine, Oolong,  Pu-erh, Chrysanthemum tea – you name it, we drank it. I was first introduced to matcha when I was 13, visiting Japan with my parents. It was intriguing to me that matcha was served at all the restaurants. Not like an item on the menu, but more of a on-tap at each individual table kind of vibe. I tried it and loved it. I brought a couple of bags back home but I didn’t drink it very much after those were finished, because it was unavailable in South Africa.

We went back to Japan a couple of years later – at this point, I was now an adult with responsibilities and now relied heavily on coffee to start my day. I noticed the second time around that ready-to-drink matcha beverages were available literally every 100m, in their vending machines. I slowly realised the different type of energy I was getting from it. Not the coffee type – no jitters, no crashes. I just felt incredibly alert. I was curious about how it made me feel and the amount of focus I had, I started reading up about it. I was amazed at all the benefits it had to offer and quickly started to notice that everything around me was available in Matcha’s tasty flavour…as if the health benefits weren’t enough!

After reading and testing the claims, I realised why it has been around for centuries and why the Zen monks & Samurai’s would drink it before battles & meditations. It was the hidden (or not so hidden) gem of Asia. I decided I wanted to share this natural goodness with the Western World – and here I am today, sharing it with you.